Denver homeless often near Capitol at night, but unclear which agency might deal with issue

DENVER -- While many passersby may not know what it is, the Colorado Veterans Monument at Lincoln Park is in plain sight across the street from the Colorado State Capitol.

This Lincoln Park is separate from the one nearby at 13th Avenue and Mariposa Street.

Civic Center Park, across the street, is a common place for homeless people to spend time.

Denver Parks and Recreation has jurisdiction over Civic Center Park, but not Lincoln Park. The department has and enforces strict rules for visitors using their parks, which are closed between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. daily.

So, at 11 p.m., many homeless people at Civic Center Park go to Lincoln Park if they do not go to a local shelter.

Lincoln Park is under the jurisdiction of the Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the federal government. Therefore, it is unclear who might deal with the issue.