Big opportunity for porch pirates with Amazon Prime Day packages arriving

DENVER -- More than 100 million Amazon packages are set to be delivered around the country on Thursday after Prime Day earlier this week.

And that means a prime opportunity for porch pirates to poach packages.

Amazon said Prime Day was the company's biggest shopping event in its history so millions of packages will be delivered.

Police nationwide are warning people that porch pirates will be waiting and watching too.

The Denver Police Department released surveillance video of several porch pirates being caught on camera.

Anyone expecting packages should keep an eye on the tracking information to know when it will be delivered.

If not at home, ask a neighbor to pick up the package. In the future, packages can be delivered to a workplace during the day or request a specific day and time for a delivery.

"If you see anyone suspicious driving by slowly looking at the porches or even just walking by and looking, walking up to the porches, checking doors -- give us a call or 911 or if you don’t feel it’s a big emergency, please give us a call at the non-emergency line," Denver police spokesman Jay Casillas said.

Police also say neighbors can see if packages are lying around to pick them up, leave a note or hold on to them.