Tech Junkie Review: Epson Fast Foto FF-640 Picture Scanner

If you’re over the age of 30, there’s a good chance that you have a shoebox or 2 somewhere in your home filled with old pictures.  4”x6” prints that you had developed a long time ago and just don’t want to throw away. Problem is, in this digital age they’re practically useless!  Epson has a new photo scanner designed to help you turn those shoeboxes into files… fast!

The Epson Fast Foto FF-640 claims to be the fastest photo scanner in the world.  At just 1 second per photo I can attest to the fact that it is, indeed, fast! A stack of 100 photos is turned into digital files in a matter of minutes.  If you hike up the resolution to the max of 600dpi, it will slow the scan down slightly.  You can only load 30 photos of the same size at a time.

The included organization software makes it easy to scan multiple batches into the same collection.  Files are named accordingly and placed into appropriate folders. You won't end up with a big mess of files, the software helps you avoid that.

The software also does a good job of automatically tweaking those photos to make them look better.  It improves contrast and colors and in my case made some of my older photos look better. Remember though, it can fix bad pictures.  If your photos are blurry or just not super crisp, there is only so much the software can do.  Don't expect miracles.

Cool thing is, it can also scan the back of the photos.  Many of us have handwritten notes on the back of old photos that we wouldn’t want to lose when they go digital.  This is a nice touch.

Once you scan in all of your old photos, then what?  Luckily, the Fast Foto can be used as a document scanner too. This is a nice secondary use since most of us are no longer getting photos developed.  After we can our boxes of photos into our PC we don't have of a need for photo scanning anymore.  At $600 it’s an expensive scanner and I might even suggest splitting the cost with other family or friends and sharing the scanner. Despite the cost, it’s the easiest and best way to scan that big box of old photos into your computer to preserve those old school memories forever.

You can buy the Epson Fast Foto FF-640 directly from Epson for $600.  I found a deal!  A certified refurbished model is being sold on Amazon right now for $404.



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