Mother of Parker road-rage shooting victim speaks out

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PARKER, Colo. -- Authorities say a road-rage shooting in Parker on May 22 was random.

Suspect Abraham Paquet, 29, is in jail in El Paso County for an unrelated crime. The Parker Police Department recommends Paquet be charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Charges have also been recommended for Tara Doxtater, the passenger in Paquet's car.

Police said that during the evening rush hour, Paquet is alleged to have pulled up next to Rob Rowland's vehicle on the E-470 exit ramp at Parker Road near Crown Crest Boulevard and fired multiple shots, striking Rowland once.

Rowland was shot in the hand and is left with possible lifelong injuries.

“It’s been horrific," said Rowland's mom, Donna Rowland. "We’re really happy that people have been identified as to this offense of what’s occurred.”

Rowland says her son was on his way home from work when the shooting happened. She says Rowland drove himself to a nearby hospital when he saw all the blood.

On Wednesday, Rowland had recently gotten out of surgery, so his mom explained what he's been going through.

“Consistent, constant pain. It shattered his bones, so the tendons. ... He’s had seven pins that have recently been removed. We’re facing physical therapy. Not sure if he’ll ever be able to regain a full fist," Donna Rowland said. 

“This could’ve happened to anybody in the middle of a busy day, busy intersection.”

Rob Rowland can no longer work because of his broken hand and probably has multiple surgeries in the near future.

Police say surveillance video was the key to solving the case.

Paquet has a lengthy criminal record.

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