RTD has safety advice for passengers after man dragged by train

DENVER -- On March 19, 2017, RTD passenger Sam Hynes attempted to disembark, with his bicycle, the train at the Colfax at Auraria station when something went wrong.

He was dragged by the train and suffered spine and ribs injuries. He also broke his arm. Hynes has hired an attorney and is pursuing legal action.

But what are RTD’s safety protocols?

“The operator will open the window and take a look down the station platform to make sure it’s all clear. Our officer will also confirm with sometimes a thumbs up at the door," said Christina Zazieta, RTD's community engagement manager.

Gates, lights, bells and bright yellow tactile warning strips were already in place at the time of the accident.

Although RTD will not comment on this incident in particular, it does offer advice to all passengers.

"We are asking the public and the communities around our system to be sure that they understand what it is they can be doing to be safe around our system. What to look out for and most importantly not to be too distracted with every day devices," Zazueta said.

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