Veterinarians treat pets for free

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DENVER -- More than 100 dogs and cats received free medical treatment Sunday, thanks to volunteer veterinarians.

Many of the veterinarians are in Denver for the annual American Veterinary Medical Association and joined the Street Dog Coalition, organized by Fort Collins veterinarian Dr. Jon Geller, to provide veterinary medical care to a lot of people who could not afford it otherwise.

Dozens of people lined up outside the Colorado Convention Center to have their dogs and cats examined, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

"It’s wonderful to get people’s animals checked out when they can’t afford it. They all need it," said Nicole Henke.

She brought her four dogs to the pop up clinic and they had their first vet appointment ever.

"Vets are way expensive," Henke said. "And these little don’t know if they’re hurt because they can’t tell you. It means the world to me."

The volunteer veterinarians came to the conference from around the country and the AVMA hopes they take this idea and treat pets for free in cities everywhere.

Dr. Shellee came from Phoenix and brought her daughter, who helped hand out backpacks full of hygiene products to people after their pets were examined.

"I find that a lot of times people who are in tough situations or are on the street…they take far better care of their pets than they do themselves," Dr. Roe said. "And so it’s important for them to get peace of mind ... that their animals are healthy."

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