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Bloodhound, handler join family searching for missing Longmont mom believed to be dead

LONGMONT, Colo. -- A volunteer with a bloodhound joined Rita Gutierrez-Garcia's family in their search efforts on Sunday at various locations around Longmont, looking for Rita's remains and any evidence connected to the case.

Rita Gutierrez-Garcia went missing after celebrating St.Patrick's Day. The mom of three hasn't been seen or heard from since that night. Longmont Police announced in May that they believe Rita was murdered. Her family said they continue to pray Rita is OK, but as more time passes, they fear that Rita will not return home alive.

On Sunday, her brother Omar Holguin organized a search near Highway 119 in Longmont. He said the last four months have been a nightmare, never dreaming the family still wouldn't have answers after four months.

"My worst nightmare is to find her [body] but I know that she needs to be found," said Holguin.

Alan Duffy brought his bloodhound RC to assist with the search. Duffy said he brought his dogs out and started searching as soon as he heard about Rita's disappearance. Duffy's brother was murdered 30 years ago and he now uses his dogs to help other families find answers.

"He died under the same circumstances: wrong place, wrong time, wrong people. And no one seemed to want to do anything. So I do this in memory of him," said Duffy.

While he hopes to help Rita's family find her remains, he knows first-hand the pain never goes away.

"There is no such thing as closure. Omar’s closure will be the day he takes his last breath. That will be his closure. And people say 'Well, at least they got closure.' No, they don’t," said Duffy.

Longmont Police announced investigators have a person of interest in Rita's case. A $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

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