Two single moms, children lose everything in Aurora house fire

AURORA, Colo. -- Weeks after a fire destroyed an Aurora home, the two single moms who lived there are continuing to try to recover.

One of the women has a 4-year-old daughter, while the other has a 4-week-old son. They both say the unimaginable happened to them last week.

“It’s hard to look at everything you own gone," said Meghan Terry, who lived in the burned home with Katie Haynes. 

“Everything your kids own [is] gone. Everything you’ve worked for is gone. Literally, baby books, pictures down the hallway, melted, pictures of people that have passed and we can’t get back," said Terry.

An electrical fire started the blaze in one of the bedrooms. Terry says she was changing a light fixture, went to grab something in another room, came back and saw the bed on fire.

“Then the flames started going up into the guest bedroom," Terry said.

The windows shattered, the house filled with smoke and fire destroyed all the women's belongings in its path.

“You never think this will happen, ever. This is the last thing that crosses your mind," Terry said. 

No one was hurt, but the family only made it out with the clothes on their backs. They don't have any shoes or baby clothes, and now they're trying to rebuild not the house, but rather the home that was inside.

“[It's] difficult, you know -- stressful," Terry said.

The two moms and their children are staying in a hotel. Insurance will pay for the hotel for 30 days. After that point, the women will need to find another option.

If you'd like to help the women, click here.

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