Phase 1 of massive Great Hall renovation at DIA begins

DENVER -- A massive construction project has started at Denver International Airport to overhaul the Great Hall.

Over the next three years, crews will be working to make room as more passengers come through the airport, which opened in 1995.

Transportation Security Agency checkpoints will be moved from the main floor of the 1.5 million-square-foot Great Hall to the walkways at the top of the escalators.

When completed within the next two years, there will be more room for shops and restaurants, and the screening area will have more lanes and new technology to speed up the process.

There will also be new check-in and ticketing counters open in a bout year.

All existing dining and shopping spots in the terminal will have to close eventually during the four phases of construction.

The middle section of the Great Hall will be revamped first, followed by the southern section, the northern section and Level 5.

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