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‘I will not let this mountain be my friends grave:’ Friends continue search for missing hiker

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK -- The missing hiker on Mount Meeker in Rocky Mountain National Park now has a group of friends, even strangers looking for him.

Brian Perri took a picture at the summit on June 30 and sent it to a friend, he was reported missing on July 5. Its been almost two weeks since anyone has heard from him.

Thursday marks day seven of their efforts. The group says they won't stop hiking until they find their missing friend.

It's not a group of search and rescue crews or professionals, just everyday people in search of their friend and brother, a veteran.

Thursday's group was up bright and early, before any storm clouds rolled in. They have the exact spot they want to search for Perri on a map.

“He’s my best friend," JC Fischer said. “I'm not leaving him up here, no ma’am”

Perri's best friend has climbed the mountain for the last seven days, just trying to find his friend.

“We hike up to the location that we think he’s at between lookout mountain and horse tooth ridge," Fischer said. “We call out to him, and we listen for anything.”

Everyday it's 10 to 14 miles round trip, Fischer is exhausted. So is Perri's other friend, who flew in from Maine.

“This is what you do for family," Fischer said. “Everyday, until my feet break and my body stops working, i’ll be out here.”

Help from strangers keeps them going.

“I' d like to think that anybody who could help would be willing to," Mark Ward said.

Mark Ward has never met Perri. What he does know is a fellow veteran is stranded.

“You never leave a man behind," Ward said.

Even though formal search and rescue crews are on the job too, these friends won't quit.

“He’s a brother, he’s a brother, we’re not blood, but for all intents and purposes he’s my brother," Fischer said.

The trek will continue. Another day without Perri, means another day on the mountain.

The group says no clue is too small. They encourage the public to say something if they see something. Trash, a trail, or even a water bottle could help find Perri.

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