Man survives lightning strike in Boulder County after girlfriend performs CPR

BOULDER, Colo. — A 19-year-old man has been released from the hospital after he was struck by lightning over the weekend while camping in Boulder County.

Isaiah Cormier, who was released Monday, thanked his girlfriend, Juliette Moore, who performed CPR on him immediately after the lightning strike.

The two were spending the weekend in the Ruby Gulch area in Boulder County when they headed into their tent to escape the rain.

Ruby Gulch is located off U.S. Forest Service Road 328E north of Nederland.

Moore said she saw a “bright flash of light” and noticed Cormier wasn’t responding.

Moore started performing CPR after she didn’t feel a pulse, then called 911. Cormier became alert and started mumbling.

He was taken to a hospital in Boulder before then moving to the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, where he was cleared of any serious injuries.