Kitten with rabies bites woman at Weld County park

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EVANS, Colo. -- A Weld County woman is undergoing rabies treatment after she was bit by a rabid kitten at City Park in Evans recently.

The kitten, its mother and siblings were trapped and removed for rabies testing, according to Weld County Health Department spokesman Eric Aakko.

The health department says that volunteers have been working on capturing feral cats in the area to get them vaccinated.

"That's why it's so imperative to get these cats, dogs all vaccinated as quickly and early as possible," Aakko said.

Officials say that other animals may have been exposed to this kitten. Anyone who came into contact with a cat or kittens near City Park in Evans should contact the Weld County Health Department at 970-304-6415.

"The woman who was bitten is already undergoing these rabies shots, and she said they're excruciating," said Leslie Vogt, director of Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals. "Plus, all the other animals that may have been exposed."

Earlier this month, 21 people started receiving rabies treatment after a woman rescued a baby raccoon and brought it into her home. It was the largest exposure case in Weld County history.

Weld County officials said to follow these three tips to prevent exposure to rabies:

  • Leave orphaned animals alone. Baby animals often appear to be orphaned when they are not.  The parent animal may not return if people are too close.
  • Do not feed, touch or handle wild animals and be cautious of stray dogs and cats
  • Have dogs, cats, horses, and livestock vaccinated regularly by a licensed veterinarian
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