Heavy traffic can make streets unfriendly for cyclists

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DENVER -- Colfax Avenue and Franklin Street. On any given day, a cornucopia of sights and sounds. Walkers, riders, joggers, scooters and cars. Lots of cars.

What possibly could go wrong? “This was one of the most dangerous intersections in the city of Denver. We have got street coming in from five different directions," said Jill Locantore, Walk Denver Executive Director.

This intersection, and many others in Denver, are square in the sights of the Denver Street partnership.

Streets designed for automobiles and not bikes and pedestrians, says the Denver Street partnership, are the main reasons Denver's streets are unfriendly.

Just ask William Alexander, he was crossing the street for a cool libation and was checked by a truck, “He, (the truck), had to go across two lanes, but, I got tagged. “

The Denver Street partnership says $40 million per year, for the next 20 years, would be the minimum needed to retrofit Denver's streets to make them safer, and therefore, more friendly.

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