Local dive shop sheds light on skills and tough conditions Thai divers endure rescuing kids

LITTLETON, Colo. -- A local dive shop showed some of the skills Thai divers are utilizing as they work to rescue 12 soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave.

By Monday afternoon, rescue divers had successful evacuated 8 boys from the cave.

"I am intrigued by this story," said Scott Taylor, the owner of A-1 Scuba and Travel Aquatics Center. "It has got to be an arduous process and very exhausting."

Scott Taylor has been diving for 40 years. He said he has never gone through anything as challenging as what these divers and the soccer team face. At its narrowest point, the cave is 15 inches wide. Divers need to remove their tanks in order to squeeze through.

In a pool Monday, Taylor showed FOX31 how remove a tank and swim through a passage constructed of PVC pipe. While it was in a controlled setting and in a pool, it was still clunky and challenging, shedding some light on the struggle for divers on this mission.

"This [pool exercise] is a cake walk in comparison," said Taylor. "Their bodies are going in all kinds of contorted positions. I am sure they are keeping the kids very close to them as they do it so they can minimize the offset of balance underwater."

The divers are re-supplying air tanks and re-loading supplies before resuming rescue efforts.

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