Local guitar builder teaches lost art to students around the globe

At Victor Guitar, you get more than just a good tuning and a good guitar, you get the genesis, the beginning of the guitar.

It's called the Colorado School of Lutherie and here, artists learn guitar building.

Each student does different things with different levels of mastery

Out of his 42 years of building, Edward “Victor” Dick, has spent the last 17 teaching.

What started out as a way to save his instrument repair shop and store morphed into passing on his legacy to more than 300 students from all over the world -- all with the same bond.

With every inch of detail comes every grain of determination to build their passion six strings at a time. Because these timeless classics are not just full of music, but full of heart.

Victor Guitars has two classes a year starting every January and August and the courses last over 18 weeks.

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