Husband: Robbers tried to set his wife on fire

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AURORA, Colo. -- We are hearing new details about an attack and fire at an Aurora home on Thursday.

The victim's husband said two men walked up to their Moline Street home’s back door.  They said they were there to fix the home’s security cameras.

When his wife, who was home alone, cracked the door open to speak them, they barged in.

Marcelino Manzo says that’s when they robbed the place and tried to kill her by stabbing and burning her head, which he says was covered with a towel.

They demanded money and that she open the family’s lock box.

Manzo said, "My wife said 'I don’t have the combination for the numbers'. And they started to kick her. And they took my wife’s head and began to kick (bang) her against the wall on the head and the guy said 'go outside and get the gasoline, you know the can of gasoline because we have to burn the house with you in her in the house.'"

Aurora police are saying things were stolen from the home, but are not saying what was taken.

Investigators have not released a suspect description. But Tthe family tells us they were two black males, one of them was wearing a hoodie and had a pony tail.

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