Residents of condo complex want help dealing with bee infestation

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- A resident looks for help dealing with a bee infestation at a condominium complex in Jefferson County. After contacting the HOA and getting nowhere, she decided to ask the Problem Solvers for help.

“Essentially I have bees pretty much right next to my wall," Gina O'Connor said. “I never know what temperament they’re in.”

The bees have concentrated right next to Gina O'Connor's patio. It's so bad that she can't even use her outdoor space.

“They’re always here. Some days are worse than others, but they’re always here going in and out," Margaria Knight-Rowe said. She's nervous about the bees as well.

Now, she doesn't even like to go outside for extended periods of time.

“I’d sit up there in the mornings and have coffee and read the morning paper," Knight-Rowe said. “I don't come out very much at all. I’m allergic to bees, I have an EpiPen, and anyone who has ever had to use one knows you don’t want to.”

Both Knight-Rowe and O'Connor have called the HOA. An email shows that pest control was supposed to be out to fix the problem weeks ago. When the Problem Solvers showed up on Tuesday, the bees were still there.

“I’m scared to death of getting stung," Knight-Rowe said.

The Problem Solvers gave the property manager a call. He said the bees would be taken care of on July 12. All of a sudden, halfway through our interview, the residents got an email with the same information.

“I knew if I called you guys, they’d get it done.”

The Problem Solvers will stay on this story to make sure the property manager keeps his word.

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