Louisville sees more than 20 vehicle break-ins in 36 hours

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LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- Cars are stolen every day in the Denver metro. In Louisville, however, it's rare. Or at least it was until just recently.

Police in Louisville are now dealing with more than 20 break-ins in just 36 hours.

Carey Groves is one of the many victims who were targeted. Someone opened the door to her SUV and dumped the contents of her glove box onto the seat. Fortunately, nothing was stolen.

"It's crummy, you know, to know some stranger was going through your things," she said.

Others weren't so lucky.

Leslie McG's computer was stolen from her van last night.

"I'm embarrassed. Shame on me. This is the fourth time I've been broken, into," she said.

Leslie's friend Maureen lives down the street. She's really had a bad month. Both of her family's vehicles were totaled by hail a few weeks ago.

Just when she thought her luck had to change, her Honda Pilot was swiped while she was sleeping just a few feet away.

"Its kind of shocking to think someone could be so brazen and just come out and grab a car," she said.

Maureen's vehicle is one of three stolen in Louisville this weekend. The other two have been recovered.

This weekend's large number of break-ins is concerning, but vehicle thefts have been on the rise in Louisville in recent months, dating back to March.

Police have arrested at least two suspects, but many more remain on the loose. Residents just want it to end.

"I'm hoping if it's not found, at least the person who found it really needed it more than me," said Maureen.

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