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Hunter’s pictures of her rare black giraffe ‘trophy kill’ sparks outrage

Photos of a Kentucky woman posing with the dead body of a “rare” black giraffe she killed in South Africa have sparked outrage on the internet.

The pictures were posted on Twitter by South Africa-based Africa Digest website last month but has been going viral this week.

“White American savage who is partly a Neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe courtesy of South Africa stupidity,” the tweet said. “Her name is Tess Thompson Talley. Please share.”

The controversial images were first posted by Talley about a year ago on Facebook with the caption: “Prayers for my once in a lifetime dream hunt came true today! Spotted this rare black giraffe bull and stalked him for quite a while. I knew it was the one. He was over 18 years old, 4000 lbs. and was blessed to be able to get 2000 lbs. of meat from him,” according to Fox News.

Talley defended her actions in an email to Fox News:

“The giraffe I hunted was the South African sub-species of giraffe. The numbers of this sub-species is actually increasing due, in part, to hunters and conservation efforts paid for in large part by big game hunting. The breed is not rare in any way other than it was very old. Giraffes get darker with age.”

Talley also claimed that the giraffe she killed was too old to breed.

Several people, including celebrities were upset by the photos.