Gardening Technology

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New Tech & Tool ideas from ACE Hardware.

Gro Sensor: What if your plants could talk? From houseplants to gardens to lawns, Gro™ Water Sensors measure the moisture content in your plant’s soil and uses science to tell you when they’re thirsty. The Gro™ Connect app lets you add up to 32 sensors that compare moisture levels in soil against a database of plant-specific information, ensuring that you know how to get your plants just the right amount of water.

Gro 7 Zone Irrigation Controller: Simplify your life with the power of smart watering. Gro automatically programs itself based on realtime local weather data. The result is an automatically adjusted irrigation plan tailored for your lawn and garden.

Stihl HSA 25 battery-powered garden shears: Received Landscape Business’ 20 for 2018 best new tools award. When it comes to touching up trimming jobs or performing precise cutting of ornamental shrubs, turn to the HSA 25 battery-powered garden shears. Part of the Stihl Lightning Battery System line of products, the HSA 25 is lightweight with a rubberized handle for user comfort and secure grip. It features two attachments – grass shear and shrub shear – to meet specific trimming needs. With run times of up to 110 minutes on a single charge, the HSA 25 allows users to complete tasks with clean, efficient cuts, and faster than with manual garden shears. This product is the first Stihl tool designed for detail-oriented trimming tasks and is ideal for users operating in noise-sensitive areas. The HSA 25 comes in a kit including a carrying bag, battery and charger for convenient transportation and storage.

Cool Apps

Perennial Match: You might love two flowers side by side, but they might not love to grow that way. Build a garden that works with your sunlight, climate zone and even height preferences with the Perennial Match app. Just plug in your requirements, and you'll find plants that thrive together. $4.99 in the app store.

Garden Answers: The #1 downloaded gardening app in the App store. A revolutionary plant identification app that instantly identifies over 20,000 plants and gives you accurate and detailed information about it.

Have you ever wanted to easily identify a flower or plant? Now you can with my Garden Answers Plant Identification app. Just snap a picture, tap submit and instantly you will get the accurate identity of the plant and detailed information about it by garden and horticulture experts! Our advanced image recognition technology can instantly identify over 20,000 plants.

And if you're concerned about a plant disease or insect infestation, you can use the keyword search feature within Garden Answers. It contains answers to over 200,000 commonly asked plant questions.

- Simple interface that is point-and-click easy to use.

- Identify almost any plant within seconds.

- Keyword searchable database to find even more information about a plant.

- Save your favorite matches under the Favorites tab.

- One universal download for iPhone and iPad.


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