Part of Denver park open again after being shut down for 7 years

DENVER -- The baseball field at Hirshorn Park in Denver's Highlands neighborhood is open again, after dog waste shut it down seven years ago.

"Every other step, you had to avoid a pile of dog waste," said Jose Palma, a field supervisor with Denver's Parks and Recreation Department.

So in 2011, Palma and the city locked the gates on the baseball field.

Now, seven years later, the gates are open again. It's a two month trial to see if the area stays clean.

And it's making a lot of neighbors, especially those with dogs, very happy.

"It’s super clean  in there...the grass is nice," said Mikaela Madalinski, who was at the park Sunday morning with her friends' lab mix, Lava.

"When you live in an apartment in a big city and you have a big dog, it’s really hard to burn off that energy, so having a place for her to run and roll around in the grass is great," said David Granger, who was playing with his German Shepard, Ava.

Neither of them had seen any dog waste on the field.

And the city said since the field reopened June 1, it's stayed very clean. If it continues, the city will most likely keep the field open permanently.

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