Injured bear cub rescued from Colorado wildfire

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

DENVER — An orphaned bear cub with painful burns on her paws has been rescued from a Colorado wildfire and is being nursed back to health.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers said Friday they believe she’ll recover well enough to be released into the wild someday.

The cub is 4 or 5 months old and weighed just 10 pounds when she was rescued.

Firefighters spotted her wandering alone in a burned-over area north of Durango in southwestern Colorado the week of June 18. They notified wildlife officers because there was no sign of her mother.

Officers don’t know how the mother and cub became separated.

The cub has severe burns on her feet and is being treated with salve, bandages, antibiotics and pain medication. She’s being fed solid food and a liquid milk replacement that imitates the milk of a sow.

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