Tech Junkie: Roidmi F8 Smart Vacuum Takes on Dyson V8 Stick Vacuum

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Roidmi… a company you’ve probably never heard of before.  They have made tech accessories but THIS is their first venture into the workd of vacuums.  Clearly this company doesn’t wait to make a splash.  The Roidmi F8 promises to go head to head with one of Dyson’s high-end stick vacuums, the Dyson V8.  Big power and smart features make the F8 look good on paper.  I took the new Roidmi F8 for a test.

The minute I took the F8 out of the box my first thought was, "this thing feels slick!"  Not in a "wannabe Dyson" way but more in a "if Apple made a vacuum this is what it would feel like", sort of way.  It feels solid, it's heavy enough without being too heavy.  I plugged it in, charged it up and was ready to start cleaning.

As an owner of a Dyson stick vacuum and a standard Dyson vacuum, I have plenty of experience with what people would describe as high-end consumer vacs.  The F8 impressed me.  The suction was great, the roller didn't hesitate and it was cleaning up messes in no time.  It comes with 2 different rollers although I couldn't find a good clear explnation of what specific use each one is fore.  One is a fabric all around while the other is a more traditional roller with fins.  Both seemed to do a great job on my hardward floors at home.

I also handed my wife the F8 to give it the official wife test.  She liked it.  I will say that she gravitated back to our Dyson stick vac.  I'm not sure if that was out of preference or familiarity.  When I asked her which she preferred she told me they both seem to do a good job.

Attachments are clutch!

I love the included attachments with the Roidmi F8.  This thing is basically a home vacuum, a car vacuum and an "in between the couch cracks" vacuum all in one.  I appreciate that they included the attachments without me having to go buy an upgrade package.

This thing is smart!

The added bonus on the F8 is that it's also smart.  Use the app to connect via Bluetooth to the vacuum.  I'll admit, some of these "smart" features don't seem very useful to me.  Do I really need to know how many minutes I've used the vacuum?  Not really.  But I do like the info on how much life the filter has left.  I also like seeing specific information on how much battery power is left before the vacuum is dead.  I can use that!  None the less, It's a cool bonus in the F8.  It's also a clear indicaton that this is a different kind of company.  It's a tech company making a vacuum and not the other way around.

Things I'd Change

The thing I didn't like about the F8 is the way it charges.  They include a cool magnetic piece that helps the vacuum stand up against the wall without falling down but you still have to plug the AC plug into the F8.  Womp womp!  Dyson provides a cool wall charger that you click the vacuum into when you're done and it charges up.  That feels more elegant than this.  Hopefully they improve the charging experience next time around.


I'm impressed.  The Roidmi F8 sucks... it sucks really well.  It also has a brain to make it a smart vacuum.  At the Indiegogo price of $289 it's a steal next to the more expensive Dyson V8 and other stick vacuums on the market.  Time will tell if Roidmi, as a brand, can prove itself in the vacuum business with future models and upgrades to the F8.

You can buy the Roidmi F8 on Indiegogo right now.  The campaign ends on July 2nd.

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