‘Heat burst’ hits northeastern Plains; overnight temperatures nearly hit 100 degrees

DENVER — Northeastern Colorado jumped from the 70s to the 90s in a matter of moments in the early morning hours Thursday.

Hot temperatures Wednesday afternoon fueled very few thunderstorms, but those storms that did form had very strong wind.

Microbursts were reported from Parker to Boulder and DIA and also on the plains.

In a similar event, a dry microburst with rapidly warming temperatures hit the northeastern plains just after 1 am.

At 1:02 am, Julesburg had a temperature of 78 degrees that warmed to 97 degrees by 1:42 am.

Julesburg wasn’t alone, many locations in Northeastern Colorado felt the warm-up.

This rapid warming was a result of what we call a heat burst. Heat bursts are rare and occur when air descends out of a thunderstorm creating gusty winds and warmer temps.

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