13-year-old boy catches monster-sized fish in Evergreen Lake

EVERGREEN, Colo. — I’ve you lived in Colorado long, you’ve probably heard lots of big fish stories, and most of them aren’t true.

However, a couple of young boys in Evergreen have a “whale of a story” to tell and the photos to back it up.

Bennett Russell, 13, caught a 40-inch tiger muskie in Evergreen Lake on Friday.  It isn’t the largest fish ever reeled in at Evergreen Lake, but it’s close.


“We’ve been trying to get one of these for a really long time,” Russell said.

His fifth0grade friend, Austin Jeffries, was there to assist with the net.

“He just says I’ve got one. I just hear a big splash,” said Jeffries.

Somehow the two managed to get the monster to shore.

“It was up to my chin,” Jeffries said, as he demonstrated the size of the fish. “They look like they would just eat you alive.”

Bennett and Austin have spent hundreds of dollars in allowance dollars this summer purchasing lures for tiger muskies fishing. It’s money they now say was well spent.

“It’s jerk bait,” said Russell.

“Now people know we’re not just carrying lures around for trout,”Jeffries added.

Both boys say they still can’t believe they actually caught a 40-inch fish. It’s a big fish story they’ll one day share with their grand children, the day they reeled in a monster.

“All I know is it was fun to be in the water with that monster swimming at my feet,” said Jeffiries.

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