Hail rolls through Highland neighborhood

DENVER -- Zuni Street looked more like a river on Sunday as hail-capped water rushed and swirled down the street in a Highland neighborhood.

“It was like coming down the alley like a huge wave when it was hitting,” said Emily Williamson, who was cleaning up her front yard in the aftermath.

Denver green thumbs such as Williamson took this as an opportunity to trim what couldn’t be salvaged after Sunday's storm from their gardens.

Pea-sized hail blanketed sidewalks and streets from 30th to 40th avenues along the northwest part of Denver. The hail wasn’t big enough to damage cars, but it made an impact on vegetation.

“I mean the weather completely decimated everything,” Williamson said. “We have vegetables in the back and I don’t think anything made it.”

While the hail wasn’t very big compared to other areas, it came in quickly, forcing people such as Tom Fenstermacher to scramble and cover any property.

“I was out there. It started getting bigger and bigger, and the hail started getting bigger, and I’m like, ‘Oh no, we’re not gonna have a garden this year.’” Fenstermacher said. “They hurt pretty, pretty good.”

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