Couples prepare for the worst after Estes Park fire

ESTES PARK, Colo. -- Dozens of couples are scrambling for last minute wedding venues following a devastating fire in Estes Park on Saturday night.

The fire destroyed much of the Marys Lake Lodge, a popular wedding destination near Rocky Mountain National Park.

It happened in the middle of a wedding Saturday night, sending guests running for the exits.

"There was a song going on, and then somebody ran in and said the building's on fire, and we have to get out," said Michelle Bechtel.

"By the time we were leaving, we saw flames coming out of the roof," said Jim Martin.

Fire investigators have not released a cause for the fire, only saying it happened on the back side of the building, near where weddings are held.

"I would think during the summer they probably do at least 2 a weekend, if not 3," said Estes Valley Fire Protection PIO Mike Richardson. "A lot of folks are going to put out by this for sure."

That includes Brittney Mayfield and her soon-to-be husband Ryan. They have a wedding booked at the lodge for September.

"We've been planning and getting this all together since last November," said Brittney. "It's a little heartbreaking to see somewhere so important to us literally up in flames."

The couple is already looking at potential backup venues, fearing the lodge is no longer an option.

"We would love for it to still be up there, it will just depend on if they're able to rebuild it in time, or at all," she said. "We're hoping to hear from them hopefully, and see what we need to do. If they're able to re-open, great, and if not, we'll be looking at other venues as soon as we can."

"It's a lot of planning, invitations have gone out, people have booked rooms up there, some from out of state. It's a lot of having to re-do everything if we're not able to have it there."

Calls to Marys Lake Lodge regarding wedding bookings were not immediately returned.

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