Loveland road-rage victim shares his story and recovery

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LOVELAND, Colo. -- It’s difficult for Scottie Degrote to sit around the house. The Loveland father of two loves all things outdoors: hiking, camping and fishing. However, he finds himself watching TV and movies all day, as he is largely incapacitated after being injured in a road-rage incident.

A few weeks ago, a simple commute home turned into an experience that changed Degrote's entire outlook on life. He and a friend noticed a car driving recklessly on the road.

“We just tried to pass him,” Degrote said. “Then he got right in front of us and slammed on its brakes, and we almost nearly missed him.”

Degrote remembers pulling into the Walmart parking lot in Loveland to “see what the dude’s issue was” before his memory gets hazy. Security footage shows the other car speeding up to hit Degrote, pinning him against his car and then taking off after dragging him several yards.

Now he has several broken bones and torn ligaments. He relies on his family to help with simple things like getting food or throwing things away.

“I hate that I have to ask them to go throw this away in the trash can because I can’t even do it myself,” Degrote said.

But he says the experience has changed his perspective on his life. He wants to focus more on providing for his children and is focusing on finding a career path he is passionate about.

In the meantime, his family has had plenty of support from the community. Degrote’s mom, Jamie Jochum-Mangeris, says people have actually shared stories about road rage in the Fort Collins and Loveland area.

“It breaks my heart that it’s happening to other people to the point that they’re afraid to call the police,” Jochum-Mangeris said.

Loveland police are still looking for the other car. Authorities ask anyone with information to call 970-962-2032.

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