Denver woman claims RTD contractors poisoned her garden

DENVER -- Rosie Tozer has been living in the same home since 1953. She's had many fond memories with her family growing up near Durham Park on 42th Avenue. Now 92 years old, Tozer enjoys working in her garden more than anything.

That is, until more than a week ago when things took a turn.

You can't miss the contrast beyond her back yard garden. Less than a yard beyond her fence is a bigger one, and RTD's A Line runs behind that. Every 20 minutes or less, the sound of a horn blares in the distance, growing louder and louder as the commuter train comes rushing through.

But what bothers Ms. Tozer more than what she hears in her back yard, is what she sees.

"I don’t even like to come out and look at it," Tozer said. "It makes me sick! I’ve been sick ever since they started this!"

What used to bring her so much joy is withering away despite her efforts. What use to be a lush grape vine that weaved it's way around the back of her fence, has shriveled to a brittle brown. On top of that, the tomatoes she grows every year for her family-favorite green chili, won't grow.

Tozer claims more than a week ago, a couple workers came along the tracks, spraying chemicals.

The Problem Solvers reached out to the Regional Transportation District. A spokesperson says RTD contracts with Denver Transit Operators for the A Line, and DTO is in charge of maintenance, upkeep and operations.

RTD says DTO is a private entity and admits to spraying chemicals in the area, but claims the chemicals are safe and approved.

The Problem Solvers have yet to hear back as to what kind of chemicals were used. The spokesperson says DTO is willing to take full responsibility in this case, and is reviewing it's operations policy.

Tozer wants the party responsible to test her soil for this chemical, because she can't afford to do so herself. The Problems Solvers helped her file a claim with RTD, so her concern can be handled through a formal method.

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