Colorado housing dozens of detainees who were separated from their children at the border

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AURORA, Colo. -- Stories of parents being separated from their children at the southern border have reignited a nationwide debate over immigration.

Many of those parents are being detained thousands of miles away in states such as Colorado. Fifty adults are currently being detained at the ICE detention facility in Aurora.

"People are really afraid of what's happening to them. They don`t have any answers," said Laura Lunn with Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network and is one of several hundred attorneys now scrambling to respond.

Lunn says most of the detainees in Colorado are single parents who have no idea if or when they will see their kids again.

"We're hearing reports from other people who say their children were taken to go get a bath and then they were never taken back," Lunn said.

Lunn claims most all of the families were seeking asylum, fleeing violence in their home countries.

"I have not talked to a single mother or father who was not fleeing horrific violence," she said.

It could take months or longer for most of the asylum cases to be heard. The detentions have created a huge backlog in the courts with a limited number of immigration attorneys and judges to respond.

"The amount of trauma these people have endured is unspeakable and to make them go through that even more is just the worst thing I could imagine," Lunn said.

However, most families don't have much choice. They're now forced to wait to learn when they'll be reunited with their kids and whether they'll be sent back home.

"They want a safe place for their families. That is why they are here. No one leaves their home unless they are forced to," Lunn said.

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