Puppy seen on video being stolen from Loveland pet store

LOVELAND, Colo. -- A woman was caught on camera stealing a puppy from inside a pet store.

“I had a whole thing of panic come over me,” Town and Country Pet Center employee Alicia Lucero said.

Security cameras caught the crime. A woman and man walked into the Town and Country Pet Center on Cleveland Avenue in Loveland about 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

The woman asked Lucero if she could see the puppies, then walked to the back of the store.

In the video, the woman grabs an 8-week-old black and tan Yorkshire terrier. The dog can been seen squirming.

“He weighs less than a pound,” Lucero said.

Then the woman stuffs the puppy in her backpack and casually walks out of the store.

“How could these people play me like this?” Lucero said.

Lucero had a conversation with the pair, never imagining they would rip her off. Now she fears for the dog’s health.

“Yorkshire terriers are prone to hyperglycemia without the proper care. He gets extra feedings throughout the day. That’s my biggest concern is that the puppy could be having seizures. They don’t know about what he needs,” Lucero said.

This is not the first time an expensive dog breed has been swiped from the store. In less than a year, Lucero said three other dogs have been stolen.

“In January, they came in through our bathroom wall and stole our Pomeranian, which was also one of our high-priced puppies,” Lucero said.

While Lucero scans Craigslist and social media to see if the crooks are trying to make fast cash on the $1,500 dog, she’s hoping the criminals get caught.

“I hope these people get what they deserve. I just want justice for my baby right now,” Lucero said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Loveland Police Department at 970-962-2502, ext. 1190.

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