Witnesses describe events in deadly officer-involved shooting on Colfax

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DENVER -- Several businesses along East Colfax Avenue were caught in the crossfire on Wednesday night.

Slice Works employees said they heard bullets shatter the glass. They had to board up the windows on the second floor.

Erin Connor and her 2-year-old son often walk up the street to grab milk at the 7-Eleven near Pearl Street. But the routine errand took a turn for the worse on Wednesday night.

“Move, get back, get back,” Connor said.

Connor stepped foot inside the store just minutes after detectives say a man robbed it and exchanged gunfire with officers.

“Undercover cop car pulls up with four cops in it and they rush me, saying we have a mag over here. So I look down and it’s between my feet. I’m standing over this mag that has bullets still in it,” Connor said.

Connor’s sister, Mary Jane Martinez, was waiting for her in the alley.

“All the sudden, I see swarms of cops coming at the store. My biggest fear was the kids,” Martinez said.

Connor backed away slowly, only then realizing the magnitude of the crime scene.

“I see there’s a body lying over by the McDonald's. There’s a body that’s down the street by Bourbon Grill,” Connor said.

Inside Bourbon Grill, the owner, Tom Leiber, was working the cash register.

“Heard loud sounds in rapid succession,” Leiber said. “Looked down the street, there was a guy lying in the door way next door and then two officers -- one sitting on the ground and one pointing a gun.”

Connor was relieved to see the officer who was shot in the leg talking to paramedics.

“He was sitting on the curb and he was talking and alert at that time,” Connor said.

Conner holds her son tight, realizing just how close she came to danger.

“It’s like oh my God my son could have been taken. I could have been taken from him, and we’re both here, we’re both safe. He’s my baby,” Connor said.

Slice Works had to open later than normal on Thursday as employees were cleaning up. They said they are grateful no employees or customers were hurt.

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