9-year-old gets a new Frisbee through special delivery from Castle Rock police

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Nine-year-old Caleb McCune wants to be a police officer, and even more so after Thursday.

Caleb and his Boy Scout troop took a tour of the Castle Rock Police Department a year or so ago.

He got a Frisbee on that tour and has played with it so much that it started to fall apart.

“I’ve had it maybe one or two years. As you can see, it’s snapped off right here, it used to say Rock ... Castle Rock Police but that snapped," he said.

Caleb has taped up the chipped and cracked frisbee several times.

Caleb’s mother, Emily wrote to the Castle Rock Police Department, asking if they had any more Frisbees, joking that she was running out of tape. Castle Rock police responded. They showed up with lights and sirens and more Frisbees.

Police Chief Jack Cauley hand-delivered the toys.

"I heard your official police Frisbee needs to be replaced with a brand new one for you. I also hear you want to be a police officer when you grow up ... I can’t think of a better goal," he said.

Caleb was very grateful.

“It will probably hold up for a long time. I’m really thankful I have a new one," he said.

The officers stuck around and played a few games of Frisbee with Caleb.

“It’s important for us to have a good relationship with the community and certainly with kids," Cauley said. "We like to take police and community policing to a one-by-one level.

"This is a way of doing that, connecting with people one by one. It’s really nice to be in the community and see a positive relationship with police and kids.

"It’s sometimes the little things that make a big difference in people’s lives. If we can use a Frisbee to make a connection between us and Caleb, I can’t think of better use of a toy.”

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