Truth Check: PAC supporting Polis goes negative against Kennedy

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DENVER — The Truth Check team continues to look at the candidates and their commercials in the governor's race. Every advertisement that claims something -- we will research and determine if the candidates are actually telling the truth. You can watch our previous “Truth Check” segments here.

You can read our criteria and standards here.

The Truth Check team tonight is looking at a commercial by Bold Colorado - a PAC supporting Jared Polis and his bid for governor. 


Kennedy broke her clean campaign pledge 

Exact quote in ad: "Cary Kennedy - breaking her pledge - her allies are attacking opponents and running a negative campaign."

Verdict: Not Exactly

Reason: It is true that allies of Kennedy are attacking opponents. The Truth Check previously looked at their advertisements and their claims.

However to say Kennedy broke her pledge we believe is "not exactly" the truth. Remember, PACs cannot coordinate with candidates or their campaigns. The negative ad against Polis and Johnston was technically made by Teachers for Kennedy, a PAC.

Kennedy has not however demanded the commercial be taken down.


FOX31 and the Truth Check declared Kennedy's ad "misleading." 

Exact quote in ad: "Dishonest - CBS and FOX declared Kennedy's ad misleading."

Verdict: False

Reason: Again it is not "Kennedy's ad" it is a "PAC supporting Cary Kennedy." The Truth Check believes that is a very important distinction. Also -- the Truth Check team does not declare an entire ad misleading.

What the Truth Check team did do was determine a few claims were misleading -- but we also determined a claim to be true as well. The Truth Check does not give a commercial an overall rating. 


Governor Hickenlooper denounced Kennedy for negativity 

Exact quote in ad: "Governor Hickenlooper denounced Kennedy for turning the campaign into a "mudfest" and said he was disappointed."

Verdict: Misleading

Reason: The Truth Check team has reviewed Hickenlooper's comments on the Kennedy PAC Ad. You can view them for yourself here:

The Truth Check team does not believe Hickenlooper "denounced" Kennedy in this comments to the Capitol Press Corps on May 30th. We do believe he expresses frustration with the PAC "Teachers for Kennedy" and their decision to go negative.

Hickenlooper is equally frustrated for being quoted in this advertisement and says it goes "below the belt."

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