Fire restrictions in Colorado: Differences between the fire restriction stages

DENVER — As warm, dry, and windy conditions continue in Colorado, wildfires have burned more than 25,000 acres across the state causing officials to issue fire restrictions.

There are three stages of fire restrictions in Colorado with Stage 3 being a full closure of an area.

Current drought conditions and fire restrictions in Colorado on June 13, 2018

This is a general fire restriction map and the best advice is for people to check ahead where they are specifically going because decisions are made on a local basis.

Stage 1

Stage 1 fire restrictions occur when there is increasing fire danger.

  • No campfires (except within a developed
    recreation site or improved site)
  • Campers must use stoves
  • No personal fireworks

Stage 2

As fire danger increases, officials might choose to move to Stage 2 fire restrictions and intensifies the restrictions from Stage 1.

  • No fires period
  • No smoking
  • No firearms
  • No fireworks

Stage 3

Stage 3 fire restrictions is a closure and occurs when there are very high risks and the ability to manage the risks using Stage 1 or 2 is no longer viable.

  • Full closure