Family frustrated after water main break floods home twice in 3 years

DENVER -- A family said they are fed up after their home was flooded a second time in three years because of a water main break.

In 2015, a water main broke and sent water running downhill and into Dugg Duggan's home. Denver Water paid $85,000 in repairs to the home and issued the Duggan's an $8,000 check to replace personal items. Duggan said that check for personal items covered little of the estimated $45,000 of personal items that were damaged. Still, he said he was grateful in 2015 for some assistance.

"The first time is happened, we looked at it as bad luck for them, bad luck for us," said Duggan.

Over the weekend, a water main broke again and flooded the Duggan's home a second time.

"[We are feeling] a lot more distraught than the first time oddly enough. We know how long it’s going to be and how painful it’s going to be," said Duggan.

Duggan said he wants answers as to how this water main broke yet again and he wants to see Denver Water assist more in clean up and replacement.

"I just want them to take responsibility this time," said Duggan.

Denver Water spokesperson Stacy Chesney said the water main did not break in the same exact location it did in 2015. She said it was in the same general area along the pipe and with where the Duggan's house is situated, it funneled back into their home again.

Chesney said under Colorado's law for government immunity, Denver Water does not have to pay for these repairs. The law was established to make sure costly legal battles were not passed on to rate payers. However, Chesney said Denver Water chooses to pay for repairs and give people $8,000 for personal property because it's the right thing to do.

"We absolutely feel for this family. It has got to be really challenging and hard for them right now and that’s why we responded to the scene immediately to help with clean up and restoration and why we are open with working with them so we can do the right thing and get them restored to where they need to be," said Chesney.

Duggan said damage to their home is worse the second time and everything that could be salvaged last time will now need to be ripped up and replaced.

Denver Water hired and is paying for the restoration company that is currently working on the Duggan's home.

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