Wendy’s, Whataburger and other restaurants that had savage responses to the IHOb name change

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NEW YORK — IHOP, which teased a name change to IHOb earlier this month, says the “b” is to promote its burger menu.

The pancake chain has been coy about whether the name flip is permanent, saying Monday that it was “for the time being.” Pressed for details, the company would not give an end date for IHOb but referred to the “tongue-in-cheek name change” and said it was tied to the summer burger promotion.

The company known for breakfast already had burgers on the menu, but is adding a line made of Black Angus ground beef. It started using the IHOb name on social media, on its website and for in-store promotions.

But, of course, other restaurant chains had some thoughts to share on the whole “IHOb” announcement.  They started firing off blistering tweets when the announcement was made.

Wendy’s had the most fun with the announcement.

“Can’t wait to try a burger from the place that decided pancakes were too hard,” Wendy’s posted.

“Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard,” Wendy’s said in another tweet.

In response to the burns, IHOb responded with “We don’t want any beef with you, we just want to share our beef with the world.”

Burger King also got in on the name changing fun by rebranding their Twitter page as “Pancake King.”

It didn’t take long for other chains to join in on the fun. Red Robin, Whataburger, and A&W,  all had their own comebacks.

And Red Robin, which doesn’t have a breakfast menu, teased: “We’re as serious about pancakes as @IHOb is about burgers.”

Whatabuger also had a great response saying: “As much as we love our pancakes, we’d never change our name to Whatapancake.”

Meanwhile A&W decided to jokingly change turn their logo upside down too saying “we don’t know what it means either.”

And, in case you’re wondering, Waffle House has no plans to become “Burger House” anytime soon.

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