Water line bursts for third time in a year, frustrating nearby business owners

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DENVER -- On Monday, cleanup was completed along West Evans Avenue in Denver where a water line burst on Friday afternoon.

Business owners are frustrated; this is the third time the line has burst within a year.

Roads had to be closed as part of the pavement caved in, forming a large hole. At least two feet of water filled nearby buildings.

It's not the first time this exact pipe burst. The same thing happened before both in May and a few months prior to that, affecting businesses along South Huron.

The pipe causing problems is almost 70 years old.

Denver Water is now in the planning phase before they eventually replace a portion of the pipe in 2019. More than 15 miles of pipes are slated to be replaced in 2018 alone.

The city has some underground pipes that are over 100 years old, but they are set to be replaced next year.

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