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Protesters take on oil and gas industry

GREELEY, Colo. - Protesters took on the fracking industry Monday in Greeley, fighting the construction of an oil and gas drilling site near a school.

A group of protesters gathered at Bella Romero Academy to protest the operation that’s just over one -thousand feet from the school building.  “This is not an acceptable project.  It’s dangerous for the children,” said Megan Meyer.

Earlier in the day, the group participated in a heated public comment period at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission hearing at the UNC library.

The commission had already approved the Extraction Oil and Gas project near the school.

While many families expressed safety concerns, others expressed support for the industry, and reminded the commission this is how they make a living.  “I’ve been employed by the oil and gas industry for eight and a half  years,” one woman said.  “I am proud of the safety measures that we put in place to protect our environment, our communities and our employees .”

Protesters say the student population at Bella Romero is mostly minority children who are eligible for free and reduced lunch.  Protesters believe those families are being taken advantage of.