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Man says someone threatened him with shot-up target practice paper in response to political yard sign

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STAPLETON, Colo. -- A man said he is rattled and his children are frightened after someone put a target practice paper with bullet holes in his backyard one day after he put up a sign for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in his front yard.

Ryan asked FOX31 not to use his last name because he is worried about his family's safety.

Ryan is a supporter of Mike Johnston, the former state legislator now running for governor of Colorado in 2018. On Friday, he planted a sign for Johnston in his yard.

On Saturday, Ryan said someone put a target practice paper in his backyard with bullet holes in it.

"It was so surreal. I think here in Stapleton, you think you are in a bubble but it brought me back to reality," said Ryan.

Ryan contacted Johnston and explained what happened. Johnston said his own kids are also alarmed.

"I am shocked and I am saddened and furious and these two boys had to wake up with this in their backyard and go to bed scared last night that someone was going to hurt them," said Johnston.

Johnston said as part of his platform, he would like to pass 'red flag legislation' aimed at keeping guns away from people who exhibit signs that they would hurt themselves or others.

"Red flag laws simply say if you are at risk of hurting yourself or hurting someone else and if your loved ones have seen that flag and are worried about you, we ought to keep you from buying a new gun," said Johnston.

Ryan said despite the threatening message, he will not be intimidating into taking his sign down.

"I don’t live in fear, I am not going to live in fear. Because if I do that, they have won," said Ryan.

Denver police have collected the target practice paper as evidence.

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