Evacuations lifted for fire burning near Bennett

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BENNETT, Colo. -- Evacuations have been lifted for the Old Victory Fire burning East of Bennett. Fire fighters have reached 80 percent containment as they continue to put out hot spots.

FOX31 talked to folks who live in the area, who said they were nervous as they watched the fire spread quickly. An airtanker dropped a line of slurry over the Old Victory Fire.

“It’s pretty close, so it’s kind of scary,” homeowner, Michelle Zuber said.

Flames shot out of the creek-bed and thick smoke coated the air. At one point the fire scorched 80 acres. Randi Trowbridge’s husband was on the front lines. Ironically, the family was at a fire academy graduation when the call came in.

“When all of them got up and left the graduation, I was like something big happened because they all left at the same time,” Trowbridge said.
The fire broke out around 4 p.m. Sunday, on the Kiowa Creek Airsoft property. It’s a spot where you can shoot airsoft guns.

“You can come out here and just play and shoot and have fun. There’s a big pile of tires that you can hide behind or use for target practice. That’s what the black plume of smoke is from.”

Trowbridge and her daughters watched from the ridge. The got periodic updates from their father as he battled the blaze. “Every so often they make them go in and get water and check their vitals and every time he does that he text me – so I know he’s still doing good,” Trowbridge said.

Crews worked to stop the fire from reaching a 500-gallon diesel fuel tank on the other side of the trees. Some folks living near-by left their homes to get to a safe spot.
“We’re sitting on the porch and all the sudden this big black, big smoke came over the house,” Zuber said. “So I came up here.”

As the sun sets, the Trowbridge family is praying their dad and the rest of the fire crews can get the fire out quickly. “I’m hoping they get it contained quickly. Hopefully it won’t be too late – too late of a night,” Trowbridge said.

100 personnel from 12 different fire agencies are helping to fight this fire. The exact cause is under investigation.

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