Uber shooting suspect’s parents maintain son’s innocence, say he acted in self-defense

DENVER — The parents of a man charged with killing his Uber passenger on Interstate 25 last week spoke about the incident and said their son acted in self-defense.

Michael Hancock, 29, was charged with first-degree murder with deliberation on Thursday. He allegedly shot and killed his passenger, 45-year-old Hyun Kim, while driving for Uber on I-25 near the University of Denver on June 1.

Hancock’s father, also named Michael Hancock, said his son was concerned his family was disappointed in him.

“He was informed [that] we’re here. We’re behind him 500 percent. We’ll be applauding when he walks through our front door and back home again,” the senior Hancock said, adding that his son would never randomly kill someone. “From my perspective, it doesn’t look like anything but self-defense. That’s who he is. He’s a helper, not a hurter.”

When asked whether national attention on his son’s story would help the case, the elder Hancock said it would likely be beneficial.

“If it wasn’t national news, we wouldn’t get the support that I think we’re going to get,” he said.

The senior Hancock said the victim’s mentality during the incident is an important factor in the case.

“Certainly his behavior and state of mind is a factor at the time. His past? That’s up to the attorneys and their strategy,” he said.

Moreover, the 29-year-old’s father said his son is being represented by the best public defenders in the country.

“The case will bear out that he’s innocent,” the father said.

Michael’s mother, Stephanie Hancock, also spoke with FOX31. She said her son is in good spirits.

“For me and for my family, it’s a function of trusting God, falling on truth and watching it work its way through,” Stephanie said.

She described her son as a giving, loving person who would not hurt anyone.

“He has that 24-carat gold smile. I remember he slept in his car for two days to see what it was like to be homeless so that he could empathize,” Stephanie said.

She said Michael regularly received positive comments about his customer service.

“This is so out of character. You’ve got to take that into consideration,” Stephanie said.

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