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Organ donors, recipients come together for reunion at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s

DENVER -- Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center held a reunion of organ donors and recipients on Thursday.

There are several programs in place to help increase the number of donors.

"We need to bring more awareness to the fact that, yes, you can be a donor. Yes, you can live your normal life after donating. And you can save someone's life," said Salvodor Sandoval, who received a kidney transplant from his wife.

"I look at him every day, and it's the greatest feeling in the world that I saved his life," said Nancy Sandoval.

Presbyterian/St. Luke's said Colorado ranks above average for the number of donations made by living donors, but more are needed. The Living Donor Champion program was established to help people in need of a transplant find donors.

Living donor kidneys last twice as long as those from deceased donors. They also carry a lower risk of complications for the recipient.