Crews checking reports of strange potholes in Adams County

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- Road crews across the metro area are still trying to repair many potholes left behind by the winter season.

Potholes develop when the pavement expands and contracts due to changes in temperature along with wear and tear.

Drivers play an important role in getting potholes fixed as soon as possible before they can cause extensive damage to vehicles.

Adams County resident David Moore contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers about various potholes along Hayesmount Road near 152nd Avenue.

He says, "it wants to toss you off and across the center divider."

The Problem Solvers reported the problem to the county and learned once a pothole is reported a crew will investigate the problem within five days.

Jeremy Orand of the Maple Complete Auto Care Center in Denver tells the Problem Solvers there are sure signs of pothole damage, "You'll find the steering wheel is crooked one way or another ... it pulls while you're driving."

Drivers can follow the progress crews are making in getting reported potholes repaired by using the YourGov app available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.