Thieves target mourners at Fort Logan National Cemetery

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DENVER -- Fort Logan National Cemetery is a place where people come to honor, pay respect and lay to rest their loved ones.

It’s also a place where some people came to steal. “It is the lowest of the low to steal from somebody who is mourning a loved one," said Kevin Johnson, Fort Logan National Cemetery complex assistant director.

The fact is some bad people are preying on good people who are praying, “They’re visiting loved ones looking at headstones, not looking at their cars, leaving their purses in the front seat,” Johnson said.

A pastor who was conducting a service at Fort Logan Saturday, had his car stolen right in front of him. “They are just going to targets of opportunity. Stealing purses out of cars, cell phones, just people not paying attention," Johnson said.

Johnson, who served in the military himself and is a former police officer, has an idea who did what and when. He’s working with police, and is closing in on the graveyard bandits and offers this simple advice, “Lock your car because there are those folks that are that low down and dirty."

He says when it comes to criminal activity, there is no such thing as sacred ground.

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