Dramatic video shows police officers saving baby being thrown from window

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SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Three Ohio police officers who stopped a mother from throwing her baby out of second-story window are being honored for their heroics.

Lakewood police officers Joshua Greear, Nick Rebraca and Heather Herpka received the prestigious “Life Saving” award Wednesday night from the Ohio Tactical Officers Association at an event in Sandusky, according to WJW.

Greear still can’t believe what happened that morning. The harrowing call was captured on police body cameras.

“I watched the video 100 times,” Greear said. “I was like did I really see that?”

The officers were responding to a home shortly after starting their shift about 7 a.m. in November after neighbors reported hearing loud noises.

Greear said a second-floor window was broken out and it looked like items had been thrown out of the window,  landing on a neighbor's car.

“The house was torn apart,” Greear said. “The back door was wide open and there’s blood on the door frame and on the floor and you can hear noise from inside but there’s no lights.”

The officers entered the home and called for the woman inside, who finally appeared, with blood on her clothing, speaking incoherently while holding her 19-month-old son.

When the officers tried to get the boy, to make sure he was OK, the woman ran into the bathroom and then toward the broken out window .

“That’s when she wound up trying to throw him,” said Greear, who immediately jumped to the rescue. “I bear hugged him, to her and her to me. I had my arms wrapped around both of them and we were able to get her back out.”

However, the ordeal wasn’t over.

The woman then began biting the child’s face under his ear. Officers managed to safely free the boy, and she started kicking and biting them.

Eventually, she was subdued and mother and son were taken to a hospital for treatment. Officers said the child suffered only minor injures.

His mother received psychiatric treatment and wasn’t charged criminally.

Greear credited intense training handling mentally ill persons and says they just did what any other officers would have done in that situation.

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