Dead Battery Club

Dead Battery Club is a new all day lounge and eatery located on Platte Street.

 Wine Down on Platte (1/2 price bottles of wine on our sommelier's list)

Every Monday 3pm-Close (10pm)

Dead Battery Club - 2420 17th Street Suite 103, Denver (behind Denver Beer Co. in the Wework)

 1/2 price bottles of wine

Chadwick - Lithium Cocktail 

2oz Overholt Rye Whisky

.5 oz Cafe Amaro

.5 oz Demara Simple Syrup

2 dashes Black Walnut Bitters

Rum soaked coffee beans ignited as garnish


Scott - Spinach & Artichoke Buns & Miso Pork Belly



1100g water

5 lbs flour

22g salt

100g milk

25g yeast

125g butter

200g sugar

80g grape seed oil

50g charcoal



1lb spinach steam, cooled, squeeze water

.5lb cream cheese

.5lb chevre

1T garlic minced

12 baby artichokes cooked and in oil chopped

1t salt

1t black pepper

1t lemon zest


Pork Belly Rub

1 cup miso

1/2 c salt

3/4 c sugar

2t ginger

1t allspice

Marinate 24 hours

Roast 300 degrees for 3 hours covered until tender


Jalapeno Radish Slaw

1 head cabbage

1-2 carrots

4 jalapenos seeded

8 radishes

1/4lb cilantro

shred all and toss



miso drippings from pork belly

Lime juice