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Court grants extension to file charges against Uber driver accused in fatal shooting

DENVER -- The Denver District Court granted the state of Colorado an extension to file charges against Michael Andre Hancock, the Uber driver accused of fatally shooting his passenger on Friday.

In a request submitted late Tuesday, the Denver District Attorney's Office said it needed more time to "locate and obtain video surveillance recordings related to the Uber trip," according to court documents. The DA's Office said it also needed time to review and compare GPS information from Uber.

The motion requested a 24-hour extension.

Uber said it has provided the trip's route and length to police, but did not reveal where the victim was picked up. The ride-sharing company added that it does not know whether Hancock had a camera in his car.

The Denver Medical Examiner said it will take about two weeks for toxicology results to be completed on 45-year-old victim Hyun Soo Kim.

The DA now has until Wednesday afternoon to file charges against Hancock.

Experts believe Hancock's legal team will use self-defense as a defense if charges are filed.