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Witness says man passed by 15 TSA agents into secured area at DIA

DENVER -- A man drove his truck on to the sidewalk drop off area at Denver International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, ran into the airport, through security and down to the train where he was taken into custody, police said.

Police also said he did not have any weapons and no one was hurt when he drove his truck onto the sidewalk outside the terminal on the east side. He bypassed the north end security.

A witness said he went past 15 TSA agents into the secured area.

"A guy basically bypassed one of the closed lanes, walking through it as TSA agents were yelling at him to stop. He took off his hat and started waving his hand towards them, and continued on down the stairs into the train area," Bryan Beulin said.

The incident caused the trains between concourses as well as the north and south security checkpoints to be shut down for 10-15 minutes, TSA said.

A witness to the incident told FOX31 and Channel 2 that agents tried to get the man to stop, but the man kept walking. The suspect then took off his hat and "motioned for agents to come get him."

The witness said that security agents told everyone to stand still.

DIA has since resumed normal train and security operations and said "there is no threat to public safety."