Know your rights as a tenant

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DENVER -- Household trash, rotten food, dirty mattresses - no one wants to see all of that in their parking lot

Colorado has laws that protect renters and landlords must follow them. Krista contacted FOX31 about the mess at her Westminster complex, "I'm disgusted and wondering why I'm paying what I pay to live there."

FOX31 found trash, junk, and rotten food. Krista says there was more, "basically like a maggot infestation."

Tenant law expert Jacob Eppler tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers that renters with an issue should take a good look at their lease, "common areas under control of the landlord have to be kept free of debris, garbage, filth..send written notice to your landlord because this would probably be covered under the implied warranty of inhabitability."

The FOX31 Problem Solvers contacted the complex management and found they were cleaning up the garbage today. Tonight the area is in order.

Krista says, "My home never looks disgusting like that, it's good to know at least they're listening and hopefully they'll continue to keep it cleaned up."

Renters who can't come to a resolution with their management have the option of taking their landlord to court, asking for damages or suing to get out of a lease.

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